Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ancient Musings: Out With the Old, In With the New.

Happy New Year, Gentle Readers!

Themistocles welcomes you to 2013!

2013 is finally here, so without further ado it's time  to make some awesome writing resolutions!

1) Finish Themistocles' Story
Yes, after seven years of trying to get it right, I've decided to just get it done. The truth is, this is my first novel and it's more important to write it than to try to get it perfect the first time. That's been hard for me to accept, but I think once I do, the writing process will get easier for me. And hey, maybe it will be better than I think! ^_^

2) Write More Blogs
There are times when this poor blog has been utterly neglected. Mostly because it's been such a struggle getting my story on track. But I realize that just by writing more blogs I can feel more in tune with both my story and the writing community at large.

3) Comment More on Other Blogs
 I tend to visit people's blogs but don't always comment. I need to let fellow writers know they have my support!

4) Broaden My Reading Horizons
I've been so immersed in reading history books that I rarely read fiction anymore. If I'm going to write a (historical) fiction book, I need to read more fiction!

5) Broaden My Writing Horizons
I should try poetry, short stories and write more articles in order to try out different styles and see what works for me. Should be fun!

What are your writing resolutions, Readers? Let me know in the comments section below! ^_^