Thursday, May 29, 2008

Estoy Aqui!

Just checking in real fast. I'm still working on O&E. I have a character who I think will really make writing the story a lot easier because they're young and not well-traveled, giving me a chance to throw some information the reader's way without it sounding like "As you know, Themistocles..."

I'm also (yet again) trying to arrange a vacation in Greece this summer. I think the thing I'm really dragging my feet on is the flight. I HATE flying. Hate it. And the fact that I've never been to Greece and am going alone is making me a nervous wreck. I'm thinking about going on this package here

Quick travel experts (*cough* Wynn *cough*)! Any suggestions? I'm still trying to find a trip that will humor me and take me to Sparta, but alas unless you're a history buff it's just not that interesting to tourists.

And finally for those interested I now have a blog in Japanese. If you're curious check it out: California no Casual Seikatsu (California Casual Lifestyle)