Friday, July 13, 2007

70K words!?

Wow. The other day I did a word count for my novel, and even though a lot of it has huge breaks in between paragraphs, not all of it is double-spaced and some stuff will be deleted entirely (and replaced with other chapters), I'm still surprised. It's over 60,000 words. In fact, counting all the weird breaks and what not, it's actually over 68,000 words! And I'm nowhere near finished.

In the meantime I'm planning a trip to Greece in late September early October. I'm trying to go to Corinth, Athens, Sparta and Delphi, but nobody wants to go to Sparta so it keeps messing up my itinerary. It would be cool to hit up Turkey as well, but time and money are two things I'm a bit tight on.

For now I need to keep working on my novel though. Hopefully I'll put up part of another WIP soon (though I'm being told it's not a good idea to post my story in public lest I lose rights to it).