Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well if you're reading this you're either lost or a fan of anything historical. I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Megumi (it's not but that's what you get to call me) and I'm a Spartaphile. My enablers of this habit include Paul Cartledge, Berry Struass, Scott Oden, and Steve Pressfield. Like many of you, I'm a writer struggling to publish (i.e. FINISH) my first novel based on Sparta's craziest king, Cleomenes (also spelled Kleomenes for all you purists). It's hard not because I don't have any ideas, but because I have two different versions I'm writing. One is just a straight review of his life (think I, Elizabeth). The other works itself out as a murder mystery, since popular opinion is that Cleomenes may have been murdered rather than having cut himself to pieces. The latter is a bit more appealing to me but MUCH harder to write, especially due to flashbacks and gaps in logic, etc. I wish I had outside opinions on which would be more appealing (hint hint). Anyway, I guess this means I'm now yet another blogger on the internet. Like we didn't have enough of those. Btw, if you love anything on ancient Greece, check out Scott Oden's Men of Bronze, Steve Pressfield's Gates of Fire, or anything written by Paul Cartledge (who all loves of Sparta must bow down to).