Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your New Queen!

The title "Queen" in front of my various blogs and online personas was always kind of a joke, but it now turns out I might actually be related to a queen. Recently I was informed that my mom's relatives (Highlanders out of Scotland who settled in North Carolina around the early 18th century) are somehow related to the Royal House of Stuart/Stewart. It's kind of cool to think that somewhere there's an empty throne in Europe just waiting for me to claim it.

So if you're a prince looking for a princess (with a family tree that actually FORKS), I'm always available. :D

In other news, My O&E progress came to a screeching halt last week as I had a game review to write up (although I did have a a lightbulb moment that involves Themistocles/Xanthippus/Aristides/Aegina/Sparta) so hopefully I'll get back on track this week. I also bought Acacia and agree with about 100 other reviewers that the story is quite enjoyable and David Anthony Durham is an awesome writer. He's also very interactive with his fans, so if you haven't done so, click on the link to his page and check it out. Very cool.