Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Last Thursday (perhaps in honor of GTA IV's upcoming release?) somebody ran into the back of my car on the freeway. Not only did the front of their car leave my bumper with paint marks and two holes from the metal screws holding their front license plate, but I also have a lovely case of whiplash. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Luckily I don't think there were other injuries and the girl apologized and accepted liability, so I didn't make too huge a deal out of it. Still I wish I could get over my head and neck pain...;_;

This doesn't mean I've been slacking off on my novel though. In fact this weekend's fantastic summer-like weather here in N. California allowed me to rest comfortably on my parent's balcony, enjoy the view and punch out a couple of ideas for The Owl & The Eagle. I'm also going crazy with my digital camera, taking pictures of all the beautiful spring flowers that are blooming right now.

Here's a picture I took with my mom's cellphone camera of one neighbor's lovely garden. It's not much of a picture but you get the idea:

Hopefully more interesting pictures are on their way.