Friday, August 25, 2006


I posted this a couple of days ago on my IGN blog (where I work) and felt I should add it to this blog because it is IMPORTANT. Please read on.

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist to get what I thought was a rash on my neck checked out. Actually, I didn't know WHAT it was, except that it was tan/pinkish in color, had appeared a few weeks ago and was slowly getting bigger and darker. Too much information? Probably, but I'm telling you because I got it removed, and with more people getting skin cancer and other skin issues (yes, men too), I thought I'd advertise that the procedure to remove it is FAST and PAINLESS. My doctor assured me that whatever it is is probably beneign, but even in a worse case scenario (like, say, cancer) I've caught it early, so there should be no problems.

After getting my neck numbed up my doctor removed the spot, sent it to a lab and stitched me back up. Sounds invasive and scary? It's not. With the exception of having my wisdom teeth taken out I've never had stitches and this was ridiculously easy. I didn't feel a thing and jabbered away with my doctor about IGN and annoying pop-up ads. The whole thing took 10 minutes tops, and I feel 1000% better for doing it. Getting rid of this thing was the right thing to do.

People dismiss the marks and moles on their body as harmless, but they can turn on you. I know someone who's dad died of cancer because he constantly picked at a mole at his chest, which turned into cancer. Even marks that are never touched or don't seem to change can be dangerous, and it's often the small moles or spots that turn malignant, not just the big ones.

I encourage readers to make an appointment with their doctor or dermatologist (no, not later, NOW)because if anything for peace of mind, and despite what you think YES you DO want to know if you have something. Medicine is so far advanced now that if you catch something in time, by removing it or treating it you can actually save your life.