Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Pics of Greece

I'm sorry my pictures and stories about Greece are coming along so slowly. I'm still recovering from my trip and playing catch-up with friends, family and work. I'm also still organizing all the notes I took.

I do know that I plan to write extensive blogs on Delphi, Olympia, the Acropolis, and Meteora in the future. For now though, here are some more pictures I took. Enjoy!

The Temple of Zeus (with me in front of it)!

Themistocles' Wall (the hotel I stayed in was built on top of it)!

Information about the wall!

The Lion Gate at Mycenae (with me in front of it)!

The theater at Epidauros!

A real Spartan shield!

Ostraka all featuring the name of Themistocles!

MORE pottery with the name of Themistocles!

Me in front of the Parthenon at night!

A side view of the Parthenon!

A picture of the Aereopagus with an awesome view of the Parthenon!

Stay tuned for Pt. 3!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greece Highlight Reel Part 1

After a few days of trying to catch up on work (this week was E3 so there was--and still is--a lot of it), I finally managed to upload all my pictures from Greece onto my computer. I thought I'd share some of them with you, with more detailed commentary to come in the future. Enjoy!

The Parthenon!


Space rocks!

Agemmemnon's Tomb!

The old "new" Olympic Stadium!

The old "old" Olympic Stadium!

The Corinth Canal!

A cool bridge!

Gorgeous statues!

A Greek biker gang!

An apologetic toilet!

Greek food!


..and much more. Stay tuned for part 2!