Monday, May 09, 2011

More Awesome Books on Greece!

I apologize for not updating more regularly, Gentle Readers. Sometimes I go through peaks and valleys with my writing, and lately I'm not sure where my enthusiasm ran off to. As always when this happens, I try to look for something that will inspire me. And so I headed to a nearby used bookstore for ideas, and look what I found!

One is a Greek cookbook that contains both ancient and modern Greek meals (I've already highlighted all sorts of interesting recipes), and the other is a book exploring how certain tales out of Greek mythology may have reflected the turbulant real-life relations between family members in ancient times.

I'm also looking forward to getting this book in the mail:

The First Clash: The Miraculous Greek Victory at Marathon and Its Impact on Western Civilization

It's written by Jim Lacey, a military historian and a combat veteran. I'm hoping his research will help me understand the layout of Marathon better and what it was actually like to fight there. (The Battle of Marathon is the opening chapter of my story, and despite having other books on the subject it's been a real struggle for me to write about.)

More thoughts and updates coming soon!