Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Writing In The Nude

Neat header, huh? What I mean to say however, is that instead of showing a somewhat polished draft of a chapter or a paragraph, I thought I'd share with all three of my readers what my writing ideas look like in it's rawest and unadored form. Below is a copy of some ideas typed up. Some are taken directly from books with names and such changed, others are quotes I'm trying to work into the story, and one paragraph is from what I saw in a Goolge Earth picture of Athens. My point? Does your writing ever look like this? Thoughts and paragraphs and tangents all mixed on a page?

Sparta was cupped between the rugged palms of the Taygetus and Panouias mountains, the Eurotus river trickling between their knuckle bones, pooling into the palm of the valley before continuing south to spill into the sea. Ancient agora northwest of Acopolis. Trees and vegetation clung to the sides of the massive rock that stood sentry over the city, clustered around the base like gossiping women around a well. Spreading out from it, blocks of houses were stacked along the hills, cutting the city into odd geometric shapes. There steady hum of daily life was always present.

"Yes Sir." Bulis could tell he was a member of the Cryptia. They all had a look: lean and gaunt with iron-cold eyes. Spartans only smiled when they had relatives killed in battle or killed an enemy. The Cryptia always seemed to be blood-soaked and pleased at being blood-soaked. The youth gave him a salute and loped down the hill, a wolf in search of wondering sheep (Cryptia boys described in wolf metaphors).

[Piece taken from GRRM's "Feast" --]"Used to be you couldn't throw a stone in (Athens) without hitting a (Pistradid). Now there's not even wives and children left."

Not in Athens, no. It was Hippias who had led the charge against Athens ten years ago. He was dead, or so rumor claimed, but there were other Pistradid out there, and Themistocles would not rest until democracy was secure. ::Thems for attacking Sardis or not?::

Like all youths in the barracks Pauanias was enthralled by war stories, especially about the battle of champions. The winning of Tegea and the triumphant return of the bones of Orestes to Sparta was almost as good as Homer, only for some reason Sir Somebody, the only living witness to the events, refused to speak of it. "We won," he would tell the youths gruffly whenever asked for war stories. "Now leave me alone."

They had argued over the eclipse for hours now. Another eclipse will occur by the time we decide what to do, Themistocles thought impatiently as men continued to argue moot points. "Aegina, my friends? Think bigger. Think farther east. Rumors of a massive bridge spanning East and West has arrived with our shipments of timber from the Black Sea, and its said the Phonecians are re-arranging their fleet, with ships coming from Sicily. A little odd considering their ongoing war with Syracuse. I think we need to get serious about an invasion. "Listen not to this forked-tounge snake-oil merchant. Darius' son now sits the glinting golden throne of Perisa, and means to storm our shores with more ships than Hippias led to Marathon ten years ago. They've been humiliated by a far smaller power and will remember our part in the Ionian Wars. Our chances are grim; let us be frank. They won't spare us or our fine cities. The best thing to do is humor the king and give him earth and water and let him forget about us. It's his pride we need heal, a far easier thing to do then heal the scars of our beloved lands should they be scorched and pillaged by Persians." "Are you an Alcemoid or a Pistradid!" Nikandros blazed when he snatched up the Speaker's Wreath. "I did not watch my friends die around me on the Marathon plain only to bow to the Persian king at the first sign of adversity. I owe their memory better!" "As do I!" another man called out. When Cimon stood up and swagggered up to the speaker's circle he glinted with gold and silver. He looks like a damned tyrant, Themistocles thought. He even doned the Speaker's Wreath like a crown. "My father died doing what he thought was right for Athens. For all of Attica. I will not shame his memory. I shall lead troops beyond these very walls and smite the enemy in combat. "All by yourself, Achilles?" someone from the something deme shouted. A wave of laughter rose up, but the boy ignored it. "It would seem I have no choice, for I am the only man hear born with a spine." Oh, very good. Themistocles thought as the crowd broke out in angry shouts. A swaggering youth could bring the challange out in any man. And despite Militides end, there were still enough men in the audiance who admired the general. Themistocles was not one of them, but he added his voice just the same.

"All Hellenes pray for a fair fight, Dieneces. That is all one needs to win the day." "I pray for the odds to be stacked against us," the wolf laughed. So what when we win the victory will be all the better."

Marathon September 1 so have Thems visit Marathon with family and participate in events. Slaves fought at Marathon as well.