Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Flower Arrangement

OK. These aren't really my first flower arrangements, just the first I'm willing to share in a public forum. They're VERY simple, which means anyone can do these. Don't believe me? I'll give you my trade secrets (er...well they're not MINE...)

1) Roses & Lemons On A Plate

Items: Roses, lemons, a plate, a bottle of sparkling water, a clean spray bottle full of water
Shelf Life: 1 day
Prep Time: I don't know. How long does it take to go to your garden and pick blooms and lemons (or failing that go to Safeway)?

Basically I just cut off the stems and placed 3 beautiful rose blooms on an elegant plate facing different directions, then added three small lemons and one half of a sliced lemon on the other side. Then I added a small amount of sparkling water to draw the eye (I added this last so the flowers wouldn't float and thus be hard to arrange). Then I sprayed the flowers with a clean spray bottle full of water to create a lovely shimmer. Notice I used no intricate mechanics, but I suppose if you want to make the roses last longer you could use a small oasis (that green foamy stuff you put water in) and then stick the roses into it. Keep in mind that roses are not as hardy as say carnations and the arrangement will still probably not last that long. Still, if you're having a party and want something pretty and simple and don't have time for complications, this should tie you over.

2) Lemons & Roses In A Container

Items: Glass container of any shape or size, lemons, rose blooms, sparkling water, filler material (optional)
Shelf Life: 1 day
Prep Time: A couple of minutes to arrange the most basic elements, longer if you choose to be more elaborate.

I Put lemons and roses in a clear glass container in alternate layers until I got the desired effect. I then added some filler (you can't see it very well but I used three stems of grass on one side to balance the large rose on the other and threw in some loosed rose petals and small daisies for fun). Then I filled the container with sparkling water to catch the light. That's it.

It's amazing that just by putting flowers on a dish with some fruit you can call it a day. Thanks to my mom for suggestions and Ron Morgan who's book A Glass Act is awesome.