Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Scott Oden has a cool outline for his character Memnon on his blog in the form of an interview of sorts, so I decided it's such a great idea that I'll join in on the fun and do it for Themistocles!

I am: Themistocles

I want: to be the most famous man in Athens.

I wish: people would quit praising the Spartans. They didn't even show up at Marathon!

I miss: Militedes, believe it or not.

I fear: the Spartans will do something stupid before I can use my ships against Persia.

I hear: King Leonidas and King Leotychidas of Sparta don't get along.

I regret: not asking that more silver be used to build a fleet for Athens.

I am not: amused by young men in Athens dressing like Spartans.

I dance: when I'm drunk

I sing: when I'm drunk

I made: Athens build the most powerful fleet in all of Hellas (take that, Corinth!)

I am not always: dishonest. Just when I have to be.

I write: poorly. But I can outspeak the best of them.

I confuse: the names of my twin boys. They look alike!

I need: more ships.

I should: divorce my wife. She's going to make me crazy!

I start: an assembly meeting by grabbing the Speaker's Wreath first. First impressions are important.

I finish: talking when I'm sure everyone will do what I want.