Monday, May 11, 2009

Must Stay Focused!

Even with 35,000 words possibly lost forever in the Twighlight Zone, I'm still upbeat about my novel. I've finished typing up my first notebook and have already started on the second.

Meanwhile, I've signed up for voice acting classes (something I've always wanted to do), and will soon start seeing a private tutor to brush up on my Japanese. The problem these latter two events may interfear with my writing. I can't let that happen. I'm soooo close now! All I have to do is finish typing up my 5 notebooks and then edit my work before hoping and praying some agent/editor wants to take things to the next level.

Help! How can I do other things that I love while staying true to my passion?


Carla said...

There are never enough hours in the day :-) I do think it's good to keep up other interests besides writing - exercising different brain 'muscles' or something - even if it means the writing might happen just a little slower.

Wynn Bexton said...

Hi, It's been awhile since I had time to check on everyone on blogspot. I have also been too busy to work on my novel and I'd wanted to finish it before leaving for Greece (this weekend!) because I had a lot of stories to post for the Vancouver Guide which I write for and get paid. It's hard to fit everything in to one's busy schedule isn't it?