Saturday, May 02, 2009


All of it.

I was just reaching 40,000 words in my novel when I tried to update my save. My flash drive reported some weird error. It wanted to know if I wanted to save my story as a temp file. "No," I thought. "I just saved it with no problems 10 minutes ago."

Confused I took the flash drive out and put it back in.


I, Themistocles was nowhere to be found.

I'm so upset I don't know what to say. It took me hours upon hours just to get 40,000words typed up (and that's only one notebook of work I have to do). I have one copy on my desktop but the last point I saved it at was about 5000 words or so. I was relying on my flashdrive to save the day should anything go wrong. It ate my novel instead.

I know nothing of flashdrives. I know I kept getting an "Internet" eror message but I figured that wasn't going to hurt my novel. I was wrong, because SOMETHING went amiss. Now I might have to start typing my novel up all over again. It's so frustrating I want to cry.

Is there anyway to recover my story? Why after I saved it so many times would it want me to save my story as a temp, and then when I refuse take my saved file away?? It's an EP Memory if that helps.


D.A. Riser said...

Meghan, that is very sad. I'm sorry to hear about your story. Alas, I have had that happen to me before. The problem (I suspect) is that you pulled the flash drive out without going to the menu tray in the bottom right corner and first telling your computer that you were going to remove it -- you've got to do that so that it more or less doesn't short out.

The data is actually still on the flash but you'll need to download a program to see if it is still readable or not. I think I found the one I used by searching for it on Google. I checked to see if I still had it but couldn't find it. Anyway, once you get one of these programs, use the trial version to see if it can find your program on the flash disk. If it can find it and it is not corrupt, the program should be able to recover it. I hope this helps.

Wynn Bexton said...

I have Shadow on a flash as well as CDs and I try to remember to keep them all backed up. Of course I have the hard copy print outs as well. You just never know if your hard drive is going to crash or what so it's best to be safe rather than sorry. I do hope you solve your problem and find a way to recover your lost files.