Sunday, February 10, 2008

More cheese, please.

This blog is about cheese.

Spare me your pedestrian Kraft Singles. I only go for the finest artisan cheeses that are hand-crafted around the world and fit snugly between grapes, percuitto, figs, apple slices, and olives.

Bring me your Cyprus Grove Midnight Mooon and Truffle Tremor. Present me with your pure white Vermont Chedder. Let me savor the creamy Bries of France with a smooth Bordeaux, or better yet a spicy California Zinfandel. Bring me the tangy Fetas of the Greek islands. The fruity Fontina of Italy. Bring on the firm and biting Parmigiano Reggiano. The simple Swiss and the vevelty Jack. Spare me not your mild Mozzarella, robust Ossau-Iraty, and delicious Asiago.

Cow, goat, doesn't matter. So long as the cheese is good. Let the symphony of flavors commence! With their briny rines and silky texture or firm crumbling walls of milk.

I love cheese.

This is actually cut/pasted from another blog that I do for work, but truth be told I think it will be more appreciated here with this audience than in my video game blog.


Gabriele C. said...

OK, now I'm hungry. :)

Scott Oden said...

Cheese rulez!

Geaux cheese!