Saturday, September 26, 2009

Model Pics!

After weeks of waiting I finally received some of my modeling pics back. As I explained in a previous post, I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday by doing something fun. That something was to look like a Cover Girl. I admit it has nothing to do with Ancient Greece, but at least it's fun to share. Enjoy!


Carla said...

Wow, don't you look glamorous! I like the last photo best - do you have a favourite?

Anonymous said...

Wow indeed. Very pretty!

Constance Brewer said...

Wow, awesome pics! You go girl! *g*

Meghan said...

Thanks everyone! There's a couple more shots coming. My favorite haven't come back yet but they will soon I hope. :)

History Geek said...

You make ancient history look glamourous. Helen herself would be envious.


Charles David Eyer said...

You do look very lovely. And I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up and good luck on your editing.

Unknown said...

just thought I'd say what a great blog. You've been working on your Greek histories for quite some time! Congratulations on some amazing content here. I hope the book is coming along well and you're really proud of your achievements!
I've just embarked this year on my own Ancient Greece historical novel adventure. My main character is Pheidippides, so it probably pre-dates your work just slightly. I haven't even begun to write it yet. I'm purely in the research stage... which is why I landed here. Like you also I'm planning on heading to Greece next year for some 'on the ground research'. I'd love any tips on where to go and what to see. :-)
Anyway, keen to chat anytime about all things Greece, so feel free to link up on facebook/twitter/goodreads or whatever other social media of choice! :-)
You can track me down via my website -
take care and keep writing!

Unknown said...

You look great. You remind me of a close friend in college, Alexis. We studied together, got our BA together in History. We were going to get married but she passed away. She was into Greek history, a lot. So, I've always wanted to find that joy of studying it again.