Monday, August 25, 2008


Yes! I got a sparkle award of some sort! A big giant thank you Carla to for this. :D

Here are some people I feel deserve this award if they haven't received it already (and they should):

Jason Evans
Helena Schrader
David Anthony Durham
Scott Oden
Wynn Bexton
Jason Pinter
George RR Martin
Sarah Johnson

Basically, anyone you see on my Links list deserves this award. All are fantastic writers with great imagination. If you got left off the list I apologize, although it seems like most people have a tone of awards already. :p


Constance said...

Meghan, thanks! That'll teach me to check on people's blogs more often!

Wynn Bexton said...

Thanks for that complimentry award. I'm always impressed and astounded by the writers here on blogspot (you included). Very inspiring indeed!

David Anthony Durham said...


Thanks. Very kind of you. I was in need of some sparkle this evening. Something drew me over her to find it... Cool.

David Anthony Durham said...

That's "over here to find it..."

Note to self- No, really, don't hit "Publish Your Comment" until after you've hit "Preview". Just don't do it. Nothing good can come of it.