Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wiki Wash Out

For those of you who doubt the idiocy of relying on Wikipedia and ONLY Wikipedia, I submit to you this golden nugget on Pausanias:

"Pausanias (Greek Παυσάνιας) Nephew of Leonidas the Spartan king who commanded the land force at Platea in 479bc. Was co-king with Leotychidas. King of Sparta from 409 BC. In 395 BC, Pausanias failed to join forces with Lysander, and for this was condemned to death and replaced as king by his nephew Agesipolis I.

Pausanias escaped execution and left Sparta to live in exile in Tegea. He also traveled in the Persian Empire, and married a Persian princess. At some point he returned to Sparta, where he eventually perished. The Spartans had trapped him in the temple of Minerva, by placing a large stone by the door. It is believed his own mother helped to carry the stone to the door. His people destroyed the roof of the temple, as it was hoped that this would initiate a faster death."

I'm surprised it also doesn't claim that as king he travelled around Greece taking notes. Eegads.

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