Sunday, January 07, 2007

O&E Update (Again)

Progress continues on The Owl & The Eagle. Certain obstacles are being addressed and hopefully solved, like how to fit Assembly speeches into the story without dragging the plot down (speeches get tedious). Another problem being worked on is Sparta. Sparta had quite a bit of local politics that it had to deal with, and I'm trying to understand how politics was balanced with the city-state's military mentality.

In the meantime I'll have another preview ready to go soon, so stay tuned for more exciting action from The Owl & The Eagle!

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Wynn Bexton said...

I understand your dilemma with the politics. I've slogged through a lot of it in the last few parts of Shadow of the Lion but it had to be done to set up the reasons for the eventual civil war and Macedon's conflicts with Greece.
It was interesting to write, but really challenging, and you're right -- it tends to slow things down a bit. But, thankfully I got through it and now I'm writing some livelier parts.