Monday, November 27, 2006

New Salamis Info!

According to the New York Times, a recent discovery was made on the famous Archimedes Palimpsest, which sold for 2 million dollars at auction in 1998. It turns out that underneath the writings of Archimedes (which were written over by a Medieval monk) there was even MORE writing--the writing of Hyperides, that is. The best part is that it may contain new information on the battle of Salamis, the famous ship battle that look place in 480 BC between the Greeks and the Persians! According to Hyperides, there were 220 Greek ships involved the the confrontation, a number that was previously sketchy.

Since I'm writing about this EXACT time, this is pretty awesome stuff. I hope they discover more. (^_^)


Beps said...

It is amazing to find out about another person who loves ancient Hellenic history as I do and want to make that matter of historical fiction... Hi, I'm a young Italian author and hopefully soon scriptwriter and my great dream is to write a full Trilogy on the Persian Wars (Marathon, Thermopilis ("The Empire Strikes Back") and Salamis).
My favourite character is that of the witty and resourceful Themistocles. Of course, I know many things were said about him, after his ostracism, but I'd like to make him the real hero of my story anyway, even if Herodotus would disagree... The other great character I'm playing to portrait to full glory is that of Artemisia, the warrior queen of Alicarnassus in Caria.
It would be fun to exchange information and suggestion, I'm not as good as I'd like in writing in English (especially with idioms and phrasal verbs), but I'm trying very hard to improve.
I could send you some piece of poetry (in Italian, alas!) on Themistocles and Leonidas, that's all that I've written in dutiful form up to known on the matter, apart from fragments I would not consider worthwhile.
Good like with your writing, may the Gods favor you!

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