Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coming Soon!!

I AM writing. I swear. But right now the chapters are being withheld as "Save as Draft" until I'm happy with them (I'm going to try to release them this week). You'll notice even my regular posts keep changing because I'm fiddling with stuff. But I AM still working on The Owl & The Eagle. I even bought yet more books on Ancient Greece. I'm also cutting out paragraphs that serve no relevance to the story what-so-ever. It's hard, but it needs to happen. After all, I don't need to TELL people that Thems is smart or Pausanias is arrogant. I just have to SHOW it. The story moves along much better now.

*sigh* I know I can do this. Sometimes it's hard (I hate being asked when I'll finish. The answer is simple: when I get to the end). What else...

Acclaimed author Scott Oden recently stopped by which is ultra-cool. I need to give him a link to all the Halo game stuff. His newest book has been pushed back until December. Rats.

Oh. I am currently blogging on about my experience with Final Fantasy XII. Don't worry there are no spoilers. So if you can't wait until October go to club IGN on and check out my FFXII blog and review (shameless, aren't I?)

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